Academic year

The academic year is from June to March.

General Conduct

“Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere”, said Henry David Thoreau. We expect our students to behave in line with the pleasant and dignified atmosphere of the school. We believe that a sense of discipline and dignity is of paramount importance during student life and there are certain rules that are in place to ensure this. We remind you that those who are guilty of serious misconduct, or whose presence in the school is detrimental to the order and discipline on the campus, are liable to be expelled. Code of conduct on the campus includes safeguarding the school properly, keeping the place clean and tidy and dressing decently.

Dress Code

With great thought and in the interest of students, the school follows a dress code which the students ought to adhere to compulsory on all days that they are on campus. We insist on the dress code even during special classes, examinations and fests.

We don’t welcome Jeans and T-shirts or their look alike. Students violating dress code will not be allowed to attend the class and will have to lose attendance for the day.